Donate to Australia’s Bushfires

Donate to Australia’s Bushfires

Whilst the bushfires continue to rage through Australia, Bromic encourages all our customers, contacts and liaisons to support our communities and wildlife through this catrosophe.

Photo credit: NSW RFS via Adam Stevenson

How can we all help?

Bushfires continue to tear through the various locations in Australia, leaving catastrophic damage behind, with long-time homes being reduced to ash & toxic smoke spreading as far as New Zealand.

While this tragic time continues to unfold, a variety of emergency services, brave volunteers and local businesses are coming together to help the victims and make a difference to those in need.

Here at Bromic, we encourage all our customers, contacts and liaisons to join in and help these rescue groups during this dangerous time.

Below is a list of online portals to which you can donate as well as other initiatives helping the victims.

Contact Helplines


The authorities urge residents & volunteers to stay out of affected areas until deemed to be safe.

You can use the below numbers to raise any concerns you may have:

Police Information Center

If you are worried about the safety of family and/or friends please call 1800 227 228

Disaster Welfare Assistance Line

Members of the public that need immediate assistance from the bushfire-affected area should call 1800 018 444

WIRES - Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation

NSW wildlife information, rescue and education service for emergency wildlife rescue 1300 094 737