Bromic Group Charity Event 2021

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The Bromic Better Challenge

On September 10th 2021, we will be hosting The Bromic Better Challenge in support of The Kids Cancer Project.


We aim to make this event Bigger and Better than our Go Kart Derby from 2020. The Challenge will be an Obstacle Course that each of our 4 teams need to complete and take 10 team members across the line with them. The rules are vigorous: Vehicles must be able to withstand Uphill, turns, rain or shine!


The Bengal Tigers, Bromic Bats, Bogan Bears and Buzz Lightyears & Co are our four Teams, and they are working hard innovating Vehicle ideas and of course fundraising! In 2020, we raised $19,000 and we plan to raise AT LEAST that again this year for The Kids Cancer Project.


The day promises to be a lot of fun for an excellent cause. Our team already believes in doing things BETTER than most, now it’s time to do BETTER for Kids with Cancer.


The Bromic Better Challenge Teams

Bromic Bats

We believe all kids are heroes, so let’s do justice for kids cancer research!
“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” – Batman

Buzz charity logo

Buzz Lightyears & Co

Help the Buzz Lightyears & Co go to infinity and beyond this year.

Donate now to help us create a better future for kids with cancer!


The Bengal Tigers

There’s no time to waste – together, we can win this race!

Will you help us make the loudest ROAR?

Bogan Bears logo

Bogan Bears

Helping. Caring. Healing.

Donate to help kids with cancer for a better future


Check out last years Go Kart Derby

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